Sakshi Pokhari :: The pond of the witness



-          Why should we become spiritual beings !

-           Because we are enjoying life much more.

-     What do you mean?  All the good things of life, wine, women (or men), a fine Camembert or perfumes  (improving on camembert) belong to the

material world?

-     You are right: that's what you know for the time being.

-     And there is nothing else to know that you can show !

-     You see, you are enjoying these fine things through your senses isn'tit ? Touching, tasting, smelling, seeing !

-     Tell me something I don't know please !

-     It's coming.  The senses send through the nervous system impulses to your brain, which releases the sense of  satisfaction, right ?

-     May be, so what ?

-     These impulses come from sensations triggered by outside factors. Events outside of you.  But there are impulsions flowing from events inside of you that can release much higher levels of satisfaction and new states of intense well being.

-     O yeah, you mean drugs ?

-     No, without absorbing any external substance.

-     Rubbish!  Prove it !

-     Easy!  Seat here, take out your shoes, open your hands in front of this picture ?

I call Her the High lady, and close your eyes.

-     Wow!  She is beautiful!

-     Yes, She is. Close your eyes, you'll see better what I'm talking about.




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