Darkness was hidden in darkness; The all was fluid and formless.  Therein, in the void, by the fore of fervour arose the ONE.  And in the ONE arose love. Love the first seed of soul.

Rig Veda X. 129


Ce qui se fait par amour n’est pas moral mais religieux

Friedrich Nietzche

Was man nicht hat kann man nicht geben


L’enfant auquel sa mčre a souri est digne du lit des dieux



No esta la cosa en pensar mucho, sino en amar mucho

St Teresa da Avila

And if a man has no love,

He doth build a wall between him

And all the creatures of earth,

And there doth he dwell

In loneliness and pain

The Essene Book of Jesus

Where you find no love, put love, and you will find love

John of the Cross


And I have felt

A presence that disturbs me with joy

Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime

Of something far more deeply interfused,

Whose dwellings is the light of setting suns,

And the round ocean and the living air,

And the blue sky, and in the mind of man:

A motion and a spirit, that impels all thinking things, all objects of all thoughts,

And roll through all things.

Wordsworth     Tintern Abbey

I have reached the inner vision

and through Thy spirit in me

I have heard thy wondrous secret.

Through Thy mystic insight

Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge

To will up within me,

A fountain of power, pouring forth living waters

A flood of love and of all embracing wisdom

Like the splendour of Eternal Light

The Book of Hymns from the Dead Sea Scroll

In Thy wind – in Thy light-

How insignificant is everything else, how small are we – and how happy in that which alone is  great.

Dag Hammarskjoeld   Markings


In the world of Brahman there is a lake whose waters are like nectar and whoseoever tastes thereof is straightway drunk with joy; and besides tha the lake there is a tree which yields the juice of immortality

Chandogya Upanishad

The spirit in thee is a river.  Its sacred bathing place is contemplation; its water are truth; its banks are holiness; its waves are love.  Go to that river for purification; thy soul cannot be made pure by mere water.

The Hitopadesa

Whereupon, opening the centre of their skulls, he entered. The door by which he entered is called the door of bliss.

Aitareya Upanishad