"And I beheld shaped like a river, light

Streaming a splendour between banks whereon

The miracle of the spring was pictured bright.

Out of this river living sparkles thrown

Shot everywhere a fire amid the bloom

And there like rubies gold-encrusted shown;"


A Three-fold Wonder, feminine, most beautiful, three-fold, each within other…so her whole mortal form, three-fold embrace returns, consuming lives of Gods and Men, in fires of beauty melting them as gold and silver in the furnace.  Her brain enlabyrinths the whole heaven of her bosom and loins to put in act what her Heart wills.  O who can withstand her power!

William Blake   Milton

"A Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit

Is the body in which the Fire of life

Doth burn with eternal light."

The lost scrolls of the Essene brotherhood

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