CONSCIOUSNESS! Everything we feel, know or enjoy is perceived through our consciousness.  Consciousness matters, it registers pain. The Ark of the Millenium is about hidden secrets. Can we open the Tabernacle of Consciousness? 

We should mind! There is more to this opening millennium than putting the Maybach or the Phaeton on the road or to produce cloned freaks so as to satisfy the hubris of  modernity. 

But the jewel of consciousness is something that the Ark raiders and bounty hunters cannot find.  Can  we find the Tabernacle of the Alliance between Spirit and Matter: hidden within our brain? The Eidon, Gestalt, Swarupa , that follows  will show the Way of the The Tabernacle’s Opening.  How?  Follow the clues and see.



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THE THIRD ADVENT - publishers note

The Third Advent has been published in March 2003 by daisyamerica LLC, a limited company registered in New York State. If you would like to have a copy of the book, please see at and details will be sent as to how copies can be ordered.

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