Today people kill in the name of God.
What about loving in His name?

Why should we bother about THE THIRD ADVENT? Why should we be bothered by anything at all? The answer to such questions, my friends, depends on
our hunger and our thirst.
Thus it is a question I cannot answer.
We can throw seeds to the wind but
We can't really tell where it shall fall.

This is a summary of the Third Advent compiled by James M. Kosakow



State of society - religion, government, business, other institutions.
The outside world reflects the state of our seeking.
But there is a secret inner instrument.
As it transforms us, it transforms the landscape of our lives.

Her Holiness Shri Mataji appears.
There is a solution within us.

The potential for a better world.
How it works for individuals and society.
The fate of the individual is the fate of society.
As we change, society will change.

Expanded Summary


We walk a shortcut through millennia of mythologies and spiritual history to follow man's quest for lasting satisfaction.
To grasp the nature of our pilgrimage we need to trace our steps back to our origin or the book that relates it - the plucking of apples at the Garden of Eden.
The story of original sin identifies women with evil and portrays seeking as dangerous for the establishment.
It is the story of a top down male directed universe.
The feminine principle triggers the inquiry about the meaning of life.
For the pundits and the priests, it associates the feminine with evil.
This did not lead to a high synthesis but to a deep trauma in the Western mind.
The roots of the decay in modern postindustrial societies plunge deep into the crevice created by our original myths.
Our psyche is confused.
Inability to integrate thoughts (Adam) and feelings (Eve).
We have three male dominated Semitic religions and the refusal of spiritual inquiry by the Catholic Church, which paralyzed any sort of intelligent inquiry since the Middle Ages.
Today religion is back as a dividing geo-strategic issue that generates conflict in many parts of the world.
Something has gone wrong in the long corridors of history.
The issue of religion will play a growing importance in the management of world affairs.
A fresh understanding of the religious phenomenon is required.
The future will be hard to decipher without a deeper understanding of the past.
Religion influences man's knowledge system and his emotional response to his environment.
Can we return to ancient teachings, absorb new discoveries and trace back the footsteps of God.
Man worshiped through gods the forces of nature to maintain a sense of unity with the universe.
It is the divine power itself, which takes interest in gradually bringing us to the threshold of the gate of passage.
In the 90's we are witnessing a line of inquiry, which suggests that spirituality can make an eminently practical contribution to a more holistic quest for satisfaction.
We ask the reader to take a broad look at the relationship between achieving spirituality and achieving satisfaction.
The steps of God lead toward the inner secret of our sacred being.
Your mother is within you and you are within her.
It is she who has given you birth and given you life.


Who is democracy's master?
Democracy has not stifled the will for power, which has created tyrannies and monarchies. It merely gave it new forms.
In our democracy we have the same movement for greed and power together with the breakdown of righteous and ethical behavior.

Reading into ballistics
Society has zoomed fast into an unknown future in circumstances where one would think a good radar system is needed.
Discussion of the state of the world - overpopulation, poverty, imbalance, ecological and climatic deadlines.

Checks do not balance
Are we moving toward materialism or Spirit?
Evolution pushes forward with a purpose.
The primordial desire that guides history is the actualization of the Spirit and not mastery over matter.
We must examine to what extent today's democracy serves the purpose.

From demo-no-cracy to demonocracy
As larger collectivities grew, checks and balances were lost, leaving the modern ship without moorings.
People do not have power, they have ownership.
Modern man has identified his security with material affluence, not inner security. Hence he is not aware of the self-destructive aspects of civilization.
Let us look at the dysfunction of society - the numbing of the brain, the scorching of the liver, the crippling of the heart.
These were the organs that were meant to play the game of the Gunas.

Families, nations and ecology are like concentric circles surrounding us.
They are disturbed because our love no longer operates in a collective manner.

Which way to feeling please?
Entertainment should not divert our attention but focus it on happiness and joy.
Reconnecting with the heart opens a form of entertainment of intense feelings of satisfaction and joy.
It brings us closer to each other, introducing us to collective enjoyment, affection, friendship, caring, love, the seeds of life's joy.

Love is a collective energy
The heart plugs into the present - gives balance to the brain - gives the brain its navigational sense.
Without the inner capacity for enjoyment, without a link to an open heart, the brain sneaks outside the manifestations of its own phantasms.
At moments when we feel deep well-being, we feel love, a huge collective energy.
Lasting satisfaction in relationships is a function of the degree of love vested in them.
We need to open a path to a humanistic and spiritual way of life.
We need collective survival.
Love thy neighbor like thyself.
Split families
The protection of values associated with childhood, such as innocence and spontaneity, are essential for the harmonious working of the community.

Disunited nations
Is the family of nations bearing any better than the nucleus family?
Things could go horribly wrong.

The eco wreckage
Concentric circles or systems to which he belongs surround man.
The circles maintain the conditions of our well-being.
When we break them we damage ourselves.
Our families are shaken, our nations are split.
Our planet has been perceived as a living organic entity.
The cycle of nature, the rhythms of the ecosystems, express the intelligence of this being.
Our survival depends on understanding the interdependence of the ecocycle.
We are starting to pay dearly for it.
Experts predict spreading deserts, widespread flooding, water shortages and hunger.
When the heart does not lead, the brain is lost.
Developing countries will pay the highest price.
Demand for natural resources will exceed supply. Waste disposal issues.
People will not have access to clean water.
Urban collapse is at hand.
Poverty, social disintegration, and environmental degradation are far more expensive for society than the cost of preventive action.
If we can bring compassion to the solutions we propose to contemporary global challenges we would be so much more efficient in managing them.

People run, run and run faster in the rat race but cover less and less and less ground.

The dilemma of the west
Western civilization is identified with the dynamics of change, but does the change bring us to where we want to go?

Running faster to stand still... or lose ground
Competitive imperatives of the 1990s put the personal quality of life at odds with the objectives of corporate productivity.
Corporate heads control the media and make believe this sort of democracy is good for everybody.
There is increasing pressure and friction between business and society.
The brain of society has numbed, its heart has frozen.

The dark side of the force
People are left behind.
Essential aspects of a country's policy are no longer under the control of its elected leaders.
The power of democratic governments has been severely eroded.
We work more for less.
The force is hard to control.
The potential shakiness of the global market is enormous.

And the fading away of the nation state
The welfare state is meant to be the peacemaker, the holder of balance of power and the provider of distributive justice.
The state should carry God's benevolence and justice.
Power should be righteous.
The pretension of empires to represent the authority of God became futile.
Contemporary western states lost perception of their connection with the First Model.
The last line of defense for democracy, a set of checks and balances, the regulatory framework maintained by the state, is no longer deemed useful.
Financial economic mega systems are the prime movers of economic policies.
As the world became a global village, the dark side of the force sacked the village elders.
In present day democracies, political leaders find that they are powerless to invisible foes.
Finances, trading, and information, propelled by new technologies, has exploded into a new imperial constellation of economic power.

Masters of the universe: the new breed
Powers are transferred to the deregulators, the big operators of the marketplace.
This is the return of the predators - Jurassic Park without a fence.
All the scandals and bankruptcies and economic crises give us a foretaste of what is to come.
These are predatory behaviors and jungle practices at the limit of criminality.
The taxpayer must pay the cost.
Modern democracy was created to control the power of absolute monarchs.
It created a system of checks and balances so that our democratic institutions would not be corrupted by power.
The lack of concern for the worker, the consumer and the environment we shall leave to our children, reflects the chilling egoism of the ruling power.
The fact that the frozen heart of our civilization fails to influence economic behaviors in favor of genuine demand stimulation could in the end undermine the very foundation of prosperity.
This leads to supply side economics, overproduction, deflation and recession and the impoverishment of public services.

Our entertainment leads to relativity of values, and hampers our quest for self fulfillment. "Between good and yellow" was already the title of a book in the seventies.

Whispers from the agora
Episteme (knowledge) generates self-control and better mastery of life - a crucial condition for the survival of our species.
Today we have an overflow of data but lack the capacity to navigate this asteroid field.
The brain needs a radar system to sort out appearance from reality.
We miss the inner workings of the real world.
We seek bliss and oneness of self.
Do not underestimate the importance of being real.

Zapping values out of sight
Our brain has been numbed by an overabundance of data.
We have lost a sense of direction to establish priorities.
Can we learn an alternative approach - a holistic system of teaching, a transcultural perspective on contemporary social and economic processes?

Minding our own mind
People are kept mystified in a dull happiness.
Absolute values have been derided as outdated legacies of an ignorant past.
The brain is numbed.
Without the guidance of the heart, the mind cannot anymore make the difference.
Our forefathers wanted to raise society to higher level of perfection.
Society does not believe it needs knowledge of the ought, knowledge of the navigational system.
Pragmatism is the new implicit ideology of democracy and does away with the practical guidance that only ethics can provide.
Decisions then can be arbitrary.

The technology of entertainment
We need true knowledge.
We walk around in shallowness, no depth, no focus, destination unknown.
The source of danger to the world lies more within us than outside us.
Constant self-exploration and contemplation are essential for our ultimate survival.

The contagion of numbness
Show counts more than substance.
The anaesthetized brain has lost its yearning for objective truth.
The moorings are lost.
Nations, nature, societies, families are under such stress that they threaten to fall apart.
Are we preparing ourselves for Armageddon, the day of reckoning at the dusk of judgment day?

The baby boomers are going to retire, still having some leisure and some wealth which will allow them not to work. They will want to leave behind an ethical society. That generation, in its third age, could be the standard bearer for spreading in the world a more ethical understanding of the path of society which will lead to spirituality or which is made possible only by spirituality. We Western Europe and North America are going to represent only 10% of the world population. We control a disproportionate amount of resources, the media and corporations but the rest of the population is now trying to get rich the way we became rich and if we cannot pass to them other values, they are going to wreck the planet because if the Chinese want to have the American way of life, nobody will be able to sustain it in terms of natural resources and otherwise.
So we need to help the world to adjust to a different mode of development.

The thesis of the book is that you can=t change society if you don=t change man, you can=t change consumption patterns if you don=t change the way you enjoy things because a spiritual being enjoys being and not so much having or owning so you can be perfectly fulfilled while not aggressing the nature of the support system by so many demands at the consumption level. That is the equilibrium point.

Between past and future
Would it not be time to follow the politics of the heart and to enact true solidarity in international relations?
Do we need to wait until it is taken away by mighty natural catastrophes or fate?
From an economic point of view, if wealth can be more evenly spread, the economy can be sustained by a more predictable and robust demand.
We must achieve the mastery of the present, that elusive point in time where we exist, where we must finally find ourselves.
Only then can we truly open our hearts to promote the collective values of solidarity and togetherness which are essential for the survival of the human tribe.

The standard bearer
How will the children of this generation face the third age poverty?
They will favor ethical, ecological and economic sustainability to restore balance to society.
Elderly boomers are on a collision course with the younger generation's appetite for global predatory capitalism.
The boomer generation believes in an inner path to find solutions to the outer world's problems.
The surge for better values, for a society-wide effort to recapture communal togetherness and spiritual authenticity will seek to express itself at the birth of the third millennium, when the generation will be at the helm of affairs.
Will this generation fall back into the false security of Puritanical sectarian values passing dogmatic judgment to eliminate differences?
Or will it imbibe the global dimension of its last age and adopt transcultural wisdom to complete the journey within and redeem society?

Back and forthing will not do the trick
Bring government closer to people, create environmental alliances, incentives for modified personal and social behaviors in relation to energy use, transportation and consumption.

The rule of the game
Is there a type of knowledge that helps in the grand game of life?
A coherent improvement in our performance would depend on the knowledge of our being.
The mastery of the self (spiritual knowledge), means mastery over its protean roles (functioning in the material world).
This mastery implies knowledge/awareness and not mere knowledge/information.
We need wisdom.
Cultures, ideally, were to secure the conditions for sensible values and shared wisdom leading to true knowledge.
We must restore harmony between the heart and the brain, reconcile our intellect and our emotions.
To achieve this, should we not reach to the other side of the great divide between matter and spirit, manage this grand transformation? Should we not walk through the other side of the screen carrying democracy with us?
Beyond thought and emotion there is a gate to the fourth dimension, the passage to the other side of the human limit.
To reach Shangri-la, we discover a new cognitive instrument, the third way.

This movement of self-inquiry can have quite an historical implication.
Shri Mataji has evolved a unique system.
She spontaneously awakened kundalini.
The awakening can be passed from person to person.
Positive changes manifest in individuals.
We have the means within ourselves to transform our lives.
At the core of Her message is the manifestation of collective en masse self-realization.
She is an avatar, an instructor of mankind of divine descent.
Shri Mataji believes in love as a force that can redeem societies, but how?
Her method has brought to spiritual knowledge the principals of scientific inquiry.
Self-realization happens and is communicable.
It relies on the spontaneous activation of untapped spiritual potential.
The actualization of the spirit within us is the goal of the human adventure.
We have within us an instrument ready to awaken - to switch us into a deeper understanding of reality.
Its purpose is to deliver our transformation.
The psychosomatic and spiritual instrument through which we experience our second birth is not an arbitrary structure.
It is a totally holistic entity integrating all global processes.
It is the absolute software and mainframe storing all knowledge information.
In each of us is the replica of a first model.
Man=s inner psychosomatic system reflects that archetypal structure.
The original cosmic structure of the Virata is reproduced at the microcosmic level in each of us.
We carry in us the filigree image of the cosmos.
The design of our creator is imprinted on our soul.
We are miniaturized gestalt of the first model.
We carry the inner instrument of the transformation of our awareness.
This interior instrument delivers the second birth.
When the One started to manifest its multiple aspects, creation was set in motion.
The material universe that we know is a momentary glimpse of this manifestation.
Self-realization marks this turning point and the opening of the third age.
God moved from the infinite Himself to the finite, his creation.
The finite, his creation, can return too to infinity.
God intervenes in history through the movement of evolution from lower to higher forms of awareness.
He does so through the software stored within us, which is a projection of his own attributes.
Order and change in the cosmos depend upon the interaction between different forms of a higher energy that our ancestors perceived as divinity.
Self-realization is the moment when we can perceive directly this divinity within ourselves and connect with the whole, a first model of which the human intersystem is a reflection.
The age-old prophecy of the advent of the golden age will be fulfilled.
We have identified the likely location of the gate to the other side of another dimension of existence.
After realization, the human microcosmic computer is wired to the cosmic program and the data starts to flow in our nervous system to be felt as vibrations.
The personality and destiny of each human being depends on the quality of the relationship between his spiritual instrument and the cosmic archetype.
It is the desire of the Virata to share his bliss and love with his creation.
It is a breakthrough in the collective evolution of mankind.
It marks the entry into a state where we grasp better, enjoy more and become more effective in all aspects of life.

Bridging the great divide
With self-realization, our consciousness can touch the deeper dimension of our being, the Spirit, which is divine in its essence, bridging the divide between man and God.
It means solving the most ancient problems of philosophy.
Modern people lose this connection, repressing the inner voice and losing the discrimination between good and evil, and true and false.
Our society has lost access to the cosmic truth.
History is the development of Spirit over time.
Its purpose is a cognitive breakthrough of self-realization en masse.
Evolution brings about the actualization of consciousness.
History is the unfolding of the spirit's desire to manifest itself.
The destination of history is mankind=s spiritual fulfillment.
The field of the last struggle is our brain where we have to rise above the reactivity of our ego and superego to develop enlightened awareness and the behavior of a realized soul.
The Ultimate Goal of life is to become the spirit and to become one with the all - pervading divine power of love, at which point divine vibrations flow through us, enlightening our being.


The tree of life
Description of the linkage, the first model within us, nadis, chakras, Kundalini.
The residual force triggers our evolution as it passes through our chakras and actualizes the objectives of the first model which is to project through creation a more focused picture of itself.
Kundalini increases the vibratory resonance between the chakras of the cosmos and of the human being.

Wheels of light
Characteristics of each chakra.

Rivers of energy
Discussion of structure of Virata.
Description of three energy channels, three gunas.

Serpent of fire
Discussion of Kundalini - untapped energy triggers evolutionary process, found throughout history in literature, shrouded in secrecy.
Kundalini awakens our powers.
Puts us in contact with universal consciousness, our inner mother and guide.

Being in vibrations
Reach the universal, the first model, through introspection.
Through realization of his spiritual nature, man accomplishes the purpose of his destiny.
No contradiction between the infinite and the finite multiplicity since the multiplicity is another level of the manifestation of the one, another vibration of the primordial energy.
The intuition of being is the highest cognitive experience man can achieve, suffused with bliss.
Realization introduces us to the presence of God.
The Kundalini carries outward its jubilant dynamism, creativity and compassion.
It triggers constructive social attitudes and behavior.
Spirit and vibration, atma and chaitanya, are the great discoveries of the third age.


The shelter of the tortoise
The chakras are the home of the Kundalini energy which controls the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which is the terminal through which we communicate with the infinite.
When the Kundalini pierces the sushumna the energy recharges the chakras and the rising Kundalini sucks the attention inward.
Then the qualities of the third dimension manifest.
Health improves, etc. - thoughtless awareness occurs.
Kundalini awakens the powers of the centers.
Empirical evidence of Kundalini awakening.
This restores meaning to religion.
The royal chakra is the citadel of silence and bliss the union of the individual conscious and the universal consciousness
This phenomenon cannot be used to evil ends.

The breakthrough
At the moment of realization, the nervous system becomes conscious of the autonomic system that is the spark in the self of God.
First consciousness without thought, then doubtless awareness, then reality.
Kundalini allows our vibratory system to absorb new frequencies from the vibratory body of the unconscious.
This is an ancient dream of humanity.
The being is now not only a receptor of the unconscious but an emitter who uses vibrations to cure a sick person and awaken the Kundalini of another.
It is a collective emancipation that opens the gate to a social spirituality or a spiritual democracy.

The mother within
We live at a time in the evolutionary process when this experience is made available to the majority of people.


Absolute tenderness
The Kndalini progresses with pure gentleness. She regenerates damaged chakras and awakens their active principals.


The mastery of the operating system
Action and reaction and synthesis and balance the dialectic process.
When the two sides are in balance, one develops a mature personality that favors the awakening of the third channel as a prelude to self-realization.
The central channel is where truth is.

Beyond the unhappy consciousness
How to stabilize the motion between the left and right sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and overcome action and reaction.
Reactivity keeps attention away from the connection with the spirit.
We are lost, alienated from our real identity.
The standard psychic state (SPS) is a state of alienation and unhappy consciousness.
This is the root of all human suffering.
This is not the final result of evolution.



Getting connected
Man does not perceive the real issues.
The awakening of the Residual Force proves that man is connected to the great sources of divine energy.
It proves one central experience, Self-realization, as the key to the absolute unity of the great religions of the world.
The past religious instructors of mankind were supposed to open the communication channels through which the principles on the chakras of the Virata transmit their programme to humanity.
Their teachings form the body of spiritual knowledge, revealed by the First Model, to guide humanity in its pilgrimage.
But today, at the dawning of the Third Age of integration, this body has been dismembered by religious fanaticism.
Only enlightened tolerance will open it.
Before self-realization, who can distinguish between true and false.
When a person is linked to the cosmic programme by vibratory awareness, she discovers and tests reality.
To the realized soul, deities express a particular quality of the enlightened consciousness, whose grace we start to feel with the opening of the corresponding chakras.
We have reached the stage of evolution where Homo Spiritualis will be able to develop this new vibratory category of perception, which guides him into a new cognitive kingdom.

Vertical and Horizontal Growth
Meditation fosters the vertical growth of our being, reaching further into its depths.
The capacity to channel deeper spiritual energies toward the outside world manifests the horizontal growth of his personality.
Homo Spiritualis needs to balance both antar yoga and karma yoga in a holistic manner.
The symbiotic relationship between the horizontal and vertical movements means the birth of collective consciousness, which will revolutionize social psychology.


Understanding dialectics
The sequence is as follows:
The movements of energy between the opposites (Ida and Pingala) arrive at a point of balance (Sushumna), which represents a higher and subtle synthesis, the basis for the next evolutionary stage.
The rising of the residual force takes us beyond the three gunas.

Whose third Reich?
The trigger is hidden in our nervous system.
Individual transformation precedes the transformation of the community, of the corporation, of the city and the historical cycle.
The opening of the third way, the big historical synthesis, corresponds to the moment when Self-realization is available for the masses - not only the few spiritually gifted elite.
It is the advent of a democratic spirituality, without a high priest, which leads to the enlightened management of human collectivities: states, cities, corporations.

This is the bipolarity of dialectic. The system is not stable, and in a sense will never be, but you need to find equilibrium in the movement. The antithesis is Pingala Nadi, your right side, but then the synthesis is your Sushumna Nadi, but it is blocked. It is blocked as long as the Sushumna is not opened by the Kundalini. You cannot achieve a synthesis without getting into a new cognitive system which is what Sahaja Yoga does. Sahaja Yoga is completely historical because it realizes that potential.

Personality preferences
Summary of text so far:
We walked a shortcut through millennia of mythologies and spiritual history to follow man's quest for lasting satisfaction.
We projected an overview of the manner in which the operating system of the three gunas was handled in the history of ideas.
We embraced in this search for meanings both Eastern mythology and Western philosophy.
We have presented Self-realization as the chief hypothesis leading to an evolutionary breakthrough.
We hinted at the profound relevance of Self-mastery for walking through the screen of ego and superego to the other side of the human existential state of contradiction.
This line of inquiry will make a difference in the way people do business in the outside world.

Macro level polarity
The law of polarity implies constant interaction.
On the physical level, the system is self-regulating.
If an individual uses too much energy of the right sympathetic nervous system (SNS), the organs controlling the left side will be damaged.
The answer is to find a third way to reach into the fourth state of the spiritual level, not to find a third state at the psychological or political level.

The modus operandi
Do not ignore the dynamics of polarity.
Both sides are necessary.


The magic triangle
Attachment and involvement in our daily life keeps us at the surface.
We are tossed about by events and daily problems.
How do we handle this relationship with our daily surroundings?
Face the outside dimension of life equipped with spiritual powers that are awakened by the practice of mediation.
The Kundalini takes consciousness into the state of thoughtless awareness.
He diverts his attention from the problem and goes into meditation.
He regains his inner composure and peace of mind.
Thoughtless awareness pushes the disturbance out of mind.
As my consciousness reaches point B, I get connected to the inner powers of the spirit which are acting on my outside environment instead of my outside environment acting on me.
Information on my problem is passed to the primordial computer of the First Model.
The connection through the Sahasrara is wiring me into the greater power of the Paramchaitanya.
This in turn acts on the outside according to its own logic.
The problem is often solved without my doing anything about it.

Overcoming the Six Enemies of the Soul
Six enemies of the soul, seen as blockages of the chakras
Lust, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, vanity.
When these are cleared, we become innocent, imaginative, satisfied, secure, collective, confident and real.
A realized individual enjoys pure inner freedom, without psychological bondage.
Introspection is necessary.
Each chakra is under attack.
The awakening of the chakras' power by the Kundalini eliminates these defects.

The First Center: Moladhara Chakra
Lust is a malfunction of the first center.
The restoring of the integrity of the moladhara chakra is possible through sahaja yoga meditation practices.
Implies a return of innocence.

The Second Center: Swadhistan Chakra
Anger represents a malfunction of the second center.
People with well operating swadhistan are imaginative, talented and competent.

The Third Center: Manipur Chakra.
Greed relates to a contraction in the third center.
The energy of the being is diverted from inner growth into acquiring external possessions.
To have and not to be is the realm of one's identity.
If society does not control greed, greed will undermine its foundations because it destroys the collective values, which are indispensable for its long term survival.
The manifestation of the qualities of the nabhi chakra include an innate feeling of well being and satisfaction, a condition that makes greed superfluous and irrelevant.
The third center grants balance to the personality.
The resulting equilibrium between the movements of the lateral channels provides the basis for the capacity to adapt and evolve.

The Fourth Center: Anahata Chakra
Attachment strangles the opening of the fourth center.
It curtails the power of the heart to love in a generous and giving way.
Attachment is a lower and selfish form of love - it takes instead of giving.
It is a cause and consequence for a lack of inner security.

The Fifth Center: Vishuddhi Chakra
Jealously blocks the passage through the fifth center.
Jealously prevents the establishment of common purpose and teamwork.
It is destructive to the smooth functioning of any human collectivity.
A person with an operative vishuddhi chakra is sensitive to the needs of the whole, the interest of the collectivity or the organization of which he is a part.

The Sixth Center: Agnya Chakra
Vanity obstructs the opening of the sixth center.
It places appearance above substance.
When the agnya clears the brain, the subject is no longer blinded or misled by the projections of his ego or the residue of his conditionings.
He is capable of settling into a deeper self-identity, a source of personal strength, confidence and resilience.
These are the enemies of our self-mastery.
More of everything for "I" and less for everybody else.
The happening of Self-realization creates a new flow of energy in the central channel, which counters and balances various negative influences.
The awakened chakras express themselves in altruistic behaviors.
The stabilization of the chakras along the central channel manifest, at the social level, sensitivity and compassion as well as the capacity to provide credible and sustained leadership.
They build up a personality, which is wholesome and magnetic.
The world today faces a lack of leadership over a broad spectrum of human affairs.
We need more enlightened responses to the challenges of an emerging global society.
A fully functional chakra system projects a leadership grounded in the qualities of the Self.
It is a leadership that is proactive and inspired, that perceives the longer term and the common good of the whole, a leadership made strong by vision, sustained by ethics and manifested through transparent and clear-cut decision making.

Seven houses for a new city
To change oneself is to change the world.
The purpose is to suggest to the corporate world that spirituality is good for you.
We need more enlightened and ethical business practices if the present cycle of aggression and waste is to be abolished.
We must secure open access to the seven magic houses of spirituality whose powers work for the individual and the collectivity alike.
We will review implications of fully operational chakras, at personal and corporate levels.

The First Center (Moladhara Chakra)
The House of Earth provides the roots of individual collectivity.
In this center we are grounded and find stability.
Our being finds its place within Reality through innocence, spontaneity, wisdom, and humility.
It brings good luck - the way God travels incognito.
Through our grounding within reality, we maintain a healthy relationship with nature, balancing the satisfaction of our needs with the availability of natural resources.
Companies in the context of a growing scarcity of resources would take action for environmental preservation.

The Second Center (Swadhistan Chakra)
The House of Fire is the powerhouse for action, creativity and innovation.
Its qualities are discipline, productivity, efficiency, art, music and aesthetics.
It is the source of elegance, beauty and scientific discoveries.
It is the provider of intellect and analytical skills.
The Swadhistan gives energy and discipline.
The importance of this center for society is paramount.
This is the center that inspires performance orientation and delivers results.
The lack of creativity marks the exhaustion of this center and can herald the decline of an entire civilization.

The Third Center (Manipura Chakra)
The House of Water.
The successful operation of this chakra brings wealth - material and spiritual.
The first conquest of this chakra is the achievement of a satisfied and peaceful frame of mind that spontaneously grasps the balance in everything.
The opening of the nabhi chakra promotes a strong sense of harmony and compromise.
At the economic level, wealth creation needs to abide by rules and values to be sustained at the collective level.
Companies would integrate moral values in their corporate vision to include an integrity code of conduct at the individual level to get rid of corruption and fraud, and a collective ethical code of conduct covering humanitarian and social concerns to optimize wealth distribution.
With an adherence to an ethical vision, businesses will foster better distribution of wealth and create strong demands in the inner and international markets to fuel balance and robust economic growth.
Stable, widespread and sustained wealth creation is feasible.

The Fourth Center (Anahata Chakra)
The fourth center is the chakra of the heart, which pumps and gives the universal energy of love, the ultimate and divine energy that feeds our race.
This is at the core of our most enjoyable moments.
The opening of the heart chakra squeezes out of our system fear, anxieties and worries.
Confidence is the key ingredient of our well being.
The activation of love will have a far-reaching impact.
Violence and aggression will lose their appeal.
In companies there will be a new feeling of love and devotion in their employees.
Altruistic attitudes will develop internally.
Working will mean sharing, team building and more fun.
Employees will feel secure, self-confident and loyal.
Altruism will breed prosperity.
The real global economy will be able to create income for billions of new customers and will integrate them as customers in a sustainable new world market.

The Fifth Center (Visshuddhi Chakra)
The power of the house of Ether brings the full magnitude of an enlarged vision.
The witness stage brings both acuity of judgment and clarity of perception.
It creates a strong defensive barrier against the onslaught of thought waves, suggestions, conditionings and manipulations that confuse us.
This expanded vision transcends the location of the individual thinker and enables us to develop collective consciousness.
Playing implies the faculty to act with a protective inner distance of detachment from everyday problems.
This improves sight and enhances problem solving.
Through the notion of play, work can become stress free.
Problems lose their power to upset.

The Sixth Center (Agnya Chakra)
Beyond the five material elements linked to the previous centers, the sixth chakra is the gate to intrinsic spiritual qualities.
Its property is to illuminate a deeper and more spiritual understanding of existence and of its daily challenges.
Inspiration flows from the universal consciousness.
The capacity to tune into the principles of life and understand psychic or collective phenomena.
A broader vision rests on the grasp of deeper correlations and interactions that may be invisible to the average person but whose impact is important.
The agnya manifests two principal qualities:
1) a sense of collective consciousness, which develops a spontaneous sense of compassion and forgiveness.
2) a recognition of one's own inner being, which leads to self-confidence in one's own identity.
A manager with an operative agnya chakra will have good judgment and preference for substance over appearance.

The Seventh Center (Sahasrara Chakra)
This chakra is what it is in the splendor of itself, when everything done and said fails to reach or express it.
The House of Ni, the house of neither this nor that negates all shortcomings and limitations and opens the gates of the blissful state longed for by the best-informed seekers of mankind's long quest for total fulfillment.
It is the mystical chamber of the union between the Atman and the Kundalini, which bridges the gap between the Child and his God.
It integrates the other six centers and is much more than the sum of its parts.
It is a holistic center of synergies and integrations, the global chakra.
Until the end of the Second Age, it had been hidden to our knowledge and beyond the reach of the human race.
At the opening of this global and last center, Homo Sapiens become Homo Spiritualis, a universal being.
The categories of perception are vastly expanded.
He enjoys collective consciousness.
The faculty to know through direct perception, the condition of another's system, nadis and chakras.
He enjoys vibratory awareness.
The faculty to know the exact coefficient of any living being, plants, animals or human.
The word here is integration.
It opens the new dimension to corporate cohesion.
Values and common purpose will flow spontaneously.
The consensus on ultimate values will bring together shareholders and employees.
The fusion of goals and wills will transform an enterprise into an efficient engine for wealth creation, ecological improvement and change.
The sixth center releases our visionary potential.
At the seventh center that vision becomes collective.
A shared vision, grounded in the understanding of Reality, is a by-product of Self-realization.

Beyond reactivity
Reactivity is basically a toss between the yin and the yang. If you can go outside of it, you start seeing the whole landscape and by seeing it you can master it. Going into the thicket of the forest, you don=t see the landscape, you don=t know where to go. If you are on top of the mountain you know what is what, you know how to pick your path and that=s what introspection gives you. The introspection gives you the altitude where you see the landscape of your life.

The capacity to evolve on the central channel is the capacity to master bipolarity through the witness stage.
The smoke we produce is the fruit of our reactivity, which prevent us from seeing the landscape in which we pursue our journey, reality.
We react with the ego: sense of hurt pride, desire to catch center stage, etc.
We react with the superego: fear of loneliness, of not being loved, attachments, sexual attraction, etc.
Without the impulse of the ego and superego we would just see things as they are, a perception so direct and simple that it escapes us.
Homo Spiritualis having entered the Fourth seat, will sit on the throne of the witness stage and then discover with his detached look, the absolute information.
The crystal clarity of his mind will provide the episteme (knowledge).

Behaviours in the fourth state
We may indicate four sets of trends in qualities that are set in motion by the happening of Self-realization.
We can see how such improvements benefit the non-spiritual dimension of our daily life.

1. From self confidence to integrity
The cleansing of the moon channel brings a confidence of self, a feeling of well being.
Self respect carries an innate ethical sensitivity.
People become inclined to adopt ethical behaviors.
His integrity establishes him as a leader with personal credibility and trustworthiness.

2. From creativity to vision
As the sun channel is activated through karma yoga, the subject has hunches and insights that open new paths, the ability to develop a comprehensive understanding and to project a holistic vision and chart a strategic course.

3. From balance to stability
With the opening of the third channel, the action of the left and right sympathetic nervous system (SNS) will combine smoothly.
The improved condition will manifest coherence and depth.
It entails the capacity not to react - to balance thoughts and feelings, IQ and EQ.
A strong common sense and sound judgement, which inspires confidence.
A person is discrete and subtle in his discrimination.
The balance is dynamic and carries the potential for evolution and change.

4. From empathy to collective consciousness
As the residual force integrates the autonomous and central nervous system, the benefits of Self-realization will be experienced at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Homo Spiritualis develops the new awareness of the Fourth State.
He enters in a new web of relationships with the cosmos, nature, all living beings and himself.
Through vibratory awareness, he develops a collective consciousness for the common good of the community and the needs and aspirations of others.
No ontogenous training can advance this holistic profile of a spiritually enlightened manager.
Homo Spiritualis manifests these competencies through spontaneous workings of the parasympathetic nervous system whose subtler potential contained in the seven chakras has been triggered by the awakening of the Residual Force in the sacrum bone.
It opens the path of perfectibility and brings within reach a range of transformations that would not otherwise be possible.
People lose the realized state because they do not meditate and keep open the third channel.
Also people with specific conditionings or hurdles stored in their chakras take more time to develop their full potential.
Self-realization will benefit a decision maker because it transforms the core of his being rather than just readjusting or fixing one aspect of his personality.
You cannot transform man without transforming his core being, which was the challenge of all religions.
The inner moment of Self-realization triggers dynamic consequences.
A manager will better grasp his inner reality and enhance his degree of self-control.
His understanding will improve social interactions.
He will become more interested in his own growth at the physical, psychic and spiritual levels.
Homo Spiritualis will manage relationships with his environment in a compassionate, creative and mature way.
This will bring a new dimension, new styles and social interactions.
Enlightened self-realization will allow a politician and corporate leader to tune into the right wavelength for optimal decision-making.
The corporate world can activate its power for bringing about social change.
Corporate leaders can make a decisive contribution in developing a sustainable
economic system for a common, more equitable and humanistic society.

Love story
We have deciphered the passage to the other side of man's existential limit.
The feminine power of spirituality vested in each of us as the residual force of the Kundalini opens the advent of the third age.
Skepticism cannot change the facts.
Hundreds of thousands of people are getting their realization.
They feel it on the central nervous system.
The experience silences arguments.
It can be verified and communicated.
The process is irreversible.
The moment of self-realization gives the knowledge that seeking minds have sought during the last millennia.
Her Holiness Shri Mataji said "You just need to know who you really are."
She has raised the Kundalini of hundreds of thousands of people in an unprecedented event in the history of spirituality.
People in all walks of life verify the beneficial impact of her teachings.
Followers worship her as an avatar.
The raising Kundalini manifests a spontaneous power of redemption.
We have walked through the secret passage through the other side of our existence.
The potential unfolds.
The mechanism is found.
The divide crossed between man and god.
The oldest love story is between him and us.
We realize that the state of being is accessible.
The opening of the last chakra opens to us the bliss of pure freedom
When we love, we know.
By manifesting Kundalini, he gave us through his compassion, the way of knowing.
"Only by knowing him does one pass over death.
There is no other path for going there
He who is the maker of all, the all knower, ....
The author of time......
Is the ruler of primary matter and spirit....
The cause of reincarnation and of liberation, of continuance and of bondage
Existing as the lord....
The guardian of this world
It is He who constantly rules this world
There is no other cause for ruling
This is the rule of the game."