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of Sakshi Pokhari the pond of the witness



Gregoire de Kalbermatten, at times philosopher, writer and poet has travelled many roads.

He completed his studies in Geneva, Bologna and at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Over fourty years his activities have been recognized in the fields of banking, diplomacy and international cooperation .

He published a number of studies and books, organized ministerial conferences or conducted over 400 missions or projects is some 70 countries with a focus on development assistance and environment.

This background explains his interest in global affairs and his concern for the threats of systemic failures facing our societies, ranging from the destruction of the family or the inequity of the financial markets to the collapse of eco systems services.

His deep interest in cross cultural understanding and spiritual awakening is part of a response to such challenges and it was rewarded early in his life through his encounter with HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in the summer of 1975 in Hurst Green, England. The depth of the cognitive breakthrough he experienced in this context led Gregoire to consider that the path of experimental spirituality can unlock the evolutionary potential of our race for this third millenium.

Nationality : Switzerland

About the webdesigner :

always had versatile interests and handled with the same gusto information technology and haute cuisine. In 1990 he discovered the unique spontaneous meditation offered by Shri Mataji. It delivered the inner becoming he was looking for. Riding on this hopeful new journey, Serge met Gregoire in Avignon for the first time and was happy to tell him by a sunny day before "the chateau des papes" how much he had appreciated his book, "The Advent" .

Serge always enjoyed creating avenues of communication on the web. Gregoire opened Sakshi on the 18th septembre 2002 and, meeting Serge few weeks after in Los Angeles, he asked him if he would like to draw the labyrinth of Sakshi's corridors. These two good friends met indeed in many places of the wide world but not yet in their own mountain country of Valais, something they look forward doing one of these days..

Nationalty : Bedjui